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What Are The Akashic Records?

One day while in my apartment I heard my spiritual guides Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel say to me, "Turn on the TV", "Turn on the TV" and so I did.  I then sat down on the couch wondering what they had in store for me.  The movie Bruce Almighty was on and that is how I got for the very first time to watch this funny movie.  What a wonderful surprise. It was especially exciting when I reached the infamous file cabinet scene which depicts the Akashic Records.
I was inspired by the movie so when it ended I ran to get pen and paper and this website was created.  I then understood why I had been procrastinating working on a website.  I was suppose to see the movie, in order to write about it.
In the 2003 comedic movie Bruce Almighty, Morgan Freeman plays G-d and Jim Carey plays Bruce, a man who blames G-d for his discontentment with life. In need of guidance and learning a few lessons, "God" calls for Bruce. When Bruce shows up "God" descends from heaven, walking down a white ladder to the lower floor. On this floor "God" shows Bruce a giant file cabinet, which contains all the information about his life. This is a representation of the Akashic Records, the recordings of your life, also known as the Book of Life. Every action and event, good or bad, are recorded in this heavenly filing system. "God" has a plan for Bruce and says, “If you want a miracle, you have to be a miracle”. Having an Akashic Record reading assists you in living each day as the miracle you are for being on this planet.
The Akashic Records are a fluid record of your soul, through all incarnations, since the beginning of existence. My guides Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, along with your guides, act as librarians called Record Keepers. They go into your records, retrieve the information you wish to know, channel the information through me and I share it with you. To give you some perspective the information coming from the Akashic Records is in the 11th dimension while spirit/G-d resides in the 12th dimension. It is my calling to share the great gift of Akashic Record readings with you.
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