Answers From Heaven


Lisa’s caring empathetic nature makes you feel like you are sitting across from your best friend…Stacy M.
My spirit was uplifted by Lisa’s serenade. It was amazing that I received my messages through song…Leila A.
Lisa’s sessions are comforting and insightful. I had a good laugh from the comical images being channeled…Ellen B.
My mom passed on and I haven’t been able to grieve, since I’ve been dealing with the possibility of eviction from my apartment, because, while alive, she took me off the lease. I’ve been distraught so I sought comfort with a reading. During the reading a message from my mom came through. She apologized for not properly handling the apartment situation and that I was suffering as a result. When I got home, the floodgates of my tears opened and my grieving process began. I was able to get to a place of resolution. I’m grateful for Lisa’s powerful gifts...Emily T.
Lisa is God’s angel sent from the heavens to earth to heal the mind, soul and body through spiritual enlightenment. She has given me a chance to forget about my ex-girlfriend and a chance to be reborn. The session with her was breathtaking and so accurate, I can’t explain its truth. She described so precisely how the people around me were behaving and who they are as people. The angels spoke very clearly about what was happening in my life. Lisa’s reading was the most amazing experience. At first I did not believe, but during the session because of the information coming through my belief quickly changed…Zac B.
My experience with Lisa was definitely foretold in the stars. My experience was very calming and welcoming with an energy of reassurance. An area of my life came up that had a bit of questionable stressful energy and her channel was able to smooth it out for me with confirmation…Travis O.
I was in need of guidance but was apprehensive to have a reading. As soon as I met Lisa I knew I was in good hands. I was comforted and the guidance I received was right on track. I referred all my friends…Cathy B.

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